Use Health Benefits and FSA Funds to Your Advantage

Medical insurance coverage for hearing care is relatively rare, but we are happy to check for benefits on your specific plan.

Highline Hearing Professionals works with a variety of insurance carriers. Our biller will be able to find out what is covered by your insurance. If Highline Hearing Professionals is a preferred provider with your insurance company, we will directly bill your insurance for payment.

Your employer may also offer an FSA or HSA (flexible spending account or health savings account) that pulls money from your paycheck pre-tax and sets it aside for future medical expenses. In this case, the costs would still come out of your pocket, but it would be untaxed. If you’ve already used your FSA funds for the year, please consider what your hearing needs will be next year when you sit down with your company’s benefits coordinator and decide how much of your paycheck you’d like to reserve tax-free.

Before making any decisions, please ask our front office staff if you can take advantage of our complimentary hearing screenings or consultations.