We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!


Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

Sharon S.

You are always there for me in every way and I do appreciate you and your staff for the over two years I've known you. When we have so much to worry about now, with Covid, taking care of my aids and me are one less thing I have to deal with. THANKS GO OUT TO YOU AND YOUR STAFF!

Barbara P.

For 47 years I've worn hearing aids, supplied and maintained by various hearing aid dispensers.

Customer Service is essential to a hearing aid wearer. Never have I encountered a higher degree of Customer Service than at Highline Hearing Professionals in Burien. The staff there are ALL ABOUT service, which I depend on and appreciate so very much.

I highly recommend Highline Hearing Professionals to any person needing to obtain hearing aids, have them repaired or seeking information on hearing aid options. You will not find better service.


I am a new patient and I found Highline Hearing Professionals purely by accident. I’m glad I did. With a lifetime of working in a noisy environment and being around loud machinery, its taken a toll on my hearing. I knew I had a hearing problem and I’ve been ignoring the fact I did have hearing issues. So I contacted their office and scheduled a hearing test which was long overdue.

They ensured that they addressed the specific nature of my hearing loss, which was thoroughly explained to me. From that conversation and the results of the hearing test, I then knew what my options were. The staff at the front desk were very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Highline Hearing Professionals to anyone.

B. Smith

I have been wearing hearing aids since the 1950s, but it wasn’t until I found Highline Hearing Professionals that I really learned about them. I found Highline about 20 years ago, and for the first time, things were explained to me. I found I had choices for hearing aids and did not have to just take the one that the doctor wanted to sell me. Everyone at Highline is very knowledgeable, friendly, and caring. They work hard to fit you with just the right one. And they have a follow-up and maintenance program that really helps. Give them a try, and I am sure you will like them as much as I do.

M. Lane

I could be the poster child for this service. It has been life changing!

D. Falk

A few months ago, I had about 50% hearing. With the new hearing aids, my hearing is so improved that I regularly need to reduce the volume in unique situations. What a pleasure!

Jeff J.

I have been a patient for more than 12 years and although I have moved from the Seattle area, I still return to Burien for anything to do with my hearing aids. It was Eileen who first gave definition to my hearing loss and who has shepherded my needs over the years. All of the staff is professional, courteous, and helpful — heck, they are just nice people! My hearing aids are the result of an on-the-job injury claim and are therefore subject to more paperwork and review, yet I am now wearing my third, and most sophisticated, pair of hearing aids. There are a lot of businesses selling hearing aids; NONE approach the quality of care you will receive from Highline.

John M.

I’ve been having trouble hearing certain tones for quite some time and finally decided to do something about it. I work in a sometimes very noisy environment, and I have tinnitus from years of noise and loud music. Bob Rivers, a local morning show radio host raved for several days about the service he received at Highline Hearing. I checked around on the internet and saw a lot of providers, but decided to go to Highline because of Bob’s recommendation. I imagine his hearing was pretty bad from years of loud music, being in a band, and using headphones for so long. He also wasn’t paid for his endorsement. Highline isn’t close to me. It takes about 45 minutes to get there from my home. The trip was worth it. Eileen was the person I dealt with and she was very warm and professional. We talked about what I wanted, and what my wife wanted. From the conversation, and the results of the hearing test, I kind of knew where we were headed, which was a top of the line hearing aid. Because of my job and its many different aural situations, I needed something that could be tuned and adjust itself for different situations. That is what I got. I can’t believe the difference it’s making. Does it take some getting used to? You bet. But if you want to hear better, you make the adjustment. I highly recommend Highline Hearing. The staff is nice and friendly and professional at the desk and professional at the business end. I’m sure I could have received the same or like devices at another location closer, but I am very satisfied with my decision to go to Highline. They have good coffee too!

Eric M.

These aids are incredible; it’s one of those hearing aids that I can put on and forget about adjusting the volume controls at all!

John L.

I have had my instruments for only four days now and my sense of well being has bloomed. I cannot believe how easily I can hear people speaking to me. Before, I was so focused on not missing a word that I would sometime tense up. Now I am hearing the words and knowing what people have said without effort. The words are just there and I am no longer just guessing at what was said. And all the other sounds of life too! I can hear things around corners now, and when I walk down the hall, I can hear people speaking in the rooms I walk by. I feel like I have a superpower now. I am so happy with everything — I cannot even begin to describe it. Life had only sounded like this in the movies and now I feel like I am walking in HD surround sound. I am so happy now. Thank you!

Robin B.

I have had a serious hearing loss and have worn hearing aids for over 30 years, so I know how important it is to have an excellent hearing professional on your side. When we moved to this area 12 years ago, I was very apprehensive about finding the perfect person to work with. Thank heavens I found Highline! Thanks to Eileen, her knowledge of the technology, and her skill at matching the technology to the patient, I am able to function normally in the every day world. I don’t even remember that I’m wearing hearing aids most of the time! The whole staff at Highline Hearing Professionals is truly the best at what they do.

Colin D.

My wife appreciates my hearing aids even more than I do!

Rita M.

My friend recommended that I come to Highline Audiology for hearing care, and I am glad she did. Eileen used my hearing test results to program some digital hearing aids, and let me try them before I decided to buy! I have been enjoying hearing everything when I attend church and plays. Being able to interact well with my family has been wonderful, too!

Rudy S.

Twenty years of working around loud machinery took a toll on my hearing. I was asking people to repeat all the time, and my friends complained that my voice was too loud. Since I’ve gotten hearing aids from Jennifer at Highline Audiology, I am hearing almost everything I used to miss, and my friends don’t feel like I am shouting at them.

Jan L.

I was having trouble understanding spoken words, so my physician recommended that I go to Highline Audiology. I wouldn’t change because I don’t believe there could be better service out there! After Jennifer fit and fine-tuned my hearing aids, I noticed that I no longer had to ask others to repeat what they’d said. Hearing better has made me a part of the world again and I have more self-confidence.

Pat C.

I have been a patient at Highline Audiology for 13 years. Eileen and Rebecca, two of the audiologists, own the place and they have a wonderful staff of caring people. What I like most is their troubleshooting time — if you ever have a problem with your hearing aids or they need servicing, you can drop in during that time and they’ll take care of you, even if you got your aids somewhere else!

Ted T.

When I went to Highline Audiology, I asked Rebecca to give me the best hearing possible. And she did! My new hearing aids have changed my life. I was amazed at how much I had been missing, and am now enjoying talking to friends in noisy restaurants and hearing TV — even with background noise!

Ron H.

First of all … ever since I got my new hearing aids four years ago, my life has changed for the better. In recent months, however, I’ve thought my hearing may have declined, as I have been very conscious of having to ask people to repeat themselves. So I scheduled another hearing test and sure enough … the old ears weren't what they used to be. Highline Hearing Professionals adjusted my hearing aids to my current needs and I have been on cloud nine ever since. Today, the day the adjustment was made, I was driving, using my windshield wipers, and heard something wrong. Sure enough, one of the wipers was split. No telling how long it had been like that. At work today I was hearing EVERYTHING! ... AND LOVING IT! I cannot praise Highline Hearing Professionals enough. Their staff is knowledgeable, they have always been so very helpful, and I highly recommend them to anyone. Most of my experiences have been with Rebecca, Andria, and Gloria and I appreciate each of you, the product, and the service you give. This is long overdue.