Your Ears Will Thank You

With hearing tech is in its heyday, we want to tell you about three AGX® series we’re excited about.


Available in replaceable-battery and rechargeable options, the AGXR is a standout. You hear more of what’s around you, what you hear is more nuanced, loud sounds aren’t distorted, and soft sounds don’t get lost in background noise. Plus, you get unrivaled streaming of music, phone calls, and more from your smartphone to your hearing devices.

You also get the AGXR Attune app, which allows you to control everything from your smartphone. Discreetly adjust volume, change your settings, and geotag the settings for your favorite places. The best part? The Audigy Assist function in the app lets you request updated settings and fine-tunings from us — without an office visit!


These power devices support your busy life by delivering superior sound quality and smart wireless connectivity in a comfortable, durable design. They are our first choice for patients who need more power and less feedback. You hear more of the sounds around you; understand more speech in noise; and get all the convenience of the AGXR Attune app, described above.

Speaking of convenience: AGXR T lets you stream phone calls, music, and more directly to your hearing devices from your smartphone or from a host of wireless accessories.

AGXO g200

A great option for those adapting to hearing aids, the AGX g200 has many features of advanced hearing tech in a more entry-level option. Stream wirelessly from mobile devices, hear speech in noisy environments, and track multiple voices in a conversation. The updated g series devices are available in a wide variety of styles.

Plus, first-time wearers will love the HearingFitness™ tool, which helps you develop positive listening behaviors, suggests programs optimized for your current hearing environment, and gives you a clear overview of how you’re using your hearing aids.

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